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"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

― George Bernard Shaw

Hi. My name is Ian Elliott

I love getting together with people. I love to talk about and listen to one's trials and triumphs. I love hearing about one's everyday realities as well as those giant aspirations. Why? When we talk through something with someone else we begin to better understand the nuances of what he or she really hopes to accomplish – where he or she wants to go and how he or she plans to get there. We also gain a greater appreciation for why – Ah, how I love the why! It's always so impressive and personal. In these conversations, we can move from a loose idea to a well-framed project. We can pivot, and take aim at an entirely new target. We can take frustration, fret and forlorn and transform into potential. 

Enter: The Somewhere Project

The Somewhere Project is a platform dedicated to helping incredible people and projects progress. We do this by featuring stories and projects of people from across the country, and asking how we, the TSP community, can help them take meaningful steps towards their Somewhere. Great ideas come with a heavy burden; they need support. Whether it's volunteering expertise, making yourself available as a thought partner, joining a newsletter or simply sharing a featured TSP project with your friends, the more we stoke progress, the more excite possibilities, the more we help awesome people and projects succeed. 

Through the collective effort of TSP, those featured and you, we hope to: 

  • Help those highlighted by the TSP make critical steps forward in pursuit of their future goals, however large or small that step may be.
  • Encourage those that come to the TSP to both support the featured person's project and move towards furthering of project of their own.
  • Cultivate a community of people willing and able to help one another progress.
  • Learn, grow and accomplish something great, together.

If you'd like to take part in TSP, ping us on the Take Part page: Take Part

Here's to the places we've been, the places where we are and the places we are all going to go!